Privacy Policy

What Information Do you Collect?

When you make a purchase we keep your basic information on file : name, address, email and phone number so that we can contact you as well as make future purchases more efficient. We also collect information about your use of the website, as well as all information about your purchase. We may also collect system information such as the location of your internet service provider and through what browser and OS you use the site.

What is the information used for?

We use this information to better serve you, the customer, by improving our website and better tailoring it to the users we can improve the customer experience and thus, our business.

Do you sell or give my information to any third parties?

Maison Bertet would never sell or give your information to any third parties for marketing purposes. We use Constant Contact to manage our email lists. They also maintain a high level of privacy. Please view their policy here. We also use third party analytics software, but this information is anonymous and is only used to improve our website and marketing efforts.

Is my information secure?

Your information is completely secure on our Verisign protected servers. We have them tested for security every 24 hours. 
What information is stored on my computer? (Cookies)When you visit our site small bits of information called cookies are stored on your computer. This makes it so we can remember your login info, preferences, and whats in your shopping cart. We also use cookies to track commissions for our affiliates.

How Can I update my information?

If your information has changed you can send us an email with your request to

How Do I Remove my name from your lists?

If you want to be removed from our email list please send us an email

What Information is Shared With Other Parties?

We use Constant Contact to manage our email lists. We use Google Analytics and Kiss Metrics to analyze our traffic patterns. Other than these partnerships, we do not share your information with anyone.

Privacy Policy Updates

Maison Bertet reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time.

Any Other Questions?

We have three ways that you can contact us.

1. Call us at 323.651.5110 between 10am-6pm, Seven days a week
2. Send us an email
3. Write us a letter

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