Tortola Marrakesh Sectional

Call for Price

Want something completely unique and original? The Couture Marrakesh Sectional is definitely one-of-a-kind!


As seen, this sectional has a great ledge/table on each end, great for entertaining! Also the 12" bolster is securely positioned in a way that hits the curve of your back just right, for a comfortable outdoor lounging experience!


The Marrakesh Collection is made to order. So you can customize the size of the bed as well as the fabric of the platform/base and the cushions. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your custom order to be completed. Prices vary based on selected material. Email to customize your Marrakesh today!


NOTE: The price reflects the specifically customized Marrakesh sectional in the images shown and is the price without the LED lighting. Prices will vary based on size and the LED light option. Contact to inquire about a custom Marrakesh Sectional.


28"H x 108"W x 108"D